Top 15 Romantic Movies You Must Watch On Netflix In 2017

There were times when people used to watch movies on televisions and old school cinema halls. However things have changed a lot. Though people are still crazy about movies on multiplexes with popcorn and snacks, the definition is changing nowadays. People doesn’t have much time to plan for a movie and all so what they prefer is to watch movies online on sites like Netflix. Romantic movies on Netflix remain always in trend so I would be focusing on romantic movies which you should stream on Netflix.

With Netflix, watching a movie has changed a lot from early times. No more standing in a queue, no more waiting for a net connection to book tickets and all, if you subscribed to Netflix, you can watch any of your favorite films on it. I am sharing a list of top 15 romantic movies available on Netflix and if you like taking romance tips then you must watch these movies on Netflix before you die.

List Of Top 15 Best Romantic Movies To Watch On Netflix

If you are fond of romantic movies and want to watch your favorite one on Netflix, here is the list of top 15 romantic movies you can watch here. Read on to know more-

  1. Blue Is the Warmest Color

    First love leaves an unforgettable impression that you won’t forget ever. Blue Is the Warmest Color is the movie that talks about the controversial same-sex love story between two young women and their journey of life. Director Abdellatif Kechiche has shown his genius by portraying love, no matter between whom. You make a lifetime journey with the protagonist who will show you the passionate love, the pain in it and her attachment to her partner. Based on the novel of Julie Maroh, the movie has bagged the Palme d’Or, the grand award at the Cannes Film Festival.
    Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Watch On Netflix

  2. That’s Not Us

    A story about friendship, relationship, and emotional ups and downs, in short, this movie is the documentation of romanticism. This is a story of six friends/three couples, who go to spend their weekend on a beach and discover the emotional attachment and turmoil of relationship between them. One of them is a gay couple, while the other is lesbian and the last one is straight. But, director William C. Sullivan has proved that love knows no boundaries or limitations. It is carefree, intimate, passionate and dedicated. At the backdrop of serene nature, the love of these six friends bloom in a different way, and you will love to watch where the storyline goes.
    That’s Not Us

    Watch On Netflix

  3. Adventureland

    If you are fond of teenage love story, this movie will make you always go ‘Awwwwww.’ Kristin Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg has portrayed the sweet couple to be in madly love with each other. Between their friendly hangouts, having pot cookies together, and sharing all troubles of life, the two fall in love. This movie talks about passionate love which is felt by almost all of us at least once in our life. Watch the film with your partner on Netflix to feel the passionate love in between you.

    Watch On Netflix

  4. Grosse Point Blank

    The 80’s nostalgia, romance, and dark comedy- these are the only genre where you can put this film. Whereas John Cusack plays the hit to murder Dan Aykroyd with a television, it is him too who feels the urge to return to his hometown, get reunited with the one whom he had left at the prom night. How will you describe the movie? A person with two sides? Yes, you can when you watch it at least once on Netflix.

    Watch On Netflix

  5. Amelie

    You have to realize the fact that Amelie isn’t for everyone. This is the movie of young Amelie who works for the betterment of people around her and also try to please strangers at her store where she fails to realize the fact initially that it is her who need a personal boost up, rather a deep attachment. This French love story has earned enough applauds even on the land of America and now, you can enjoy anytime on Netflix.

    Watch On Netflix

  6. Save the Date

    Michael Mohan has dealt with a very contemporary issue, and that is the life of young adults who are facing problems while growing up that includes marriages and divorces between parents. Disturbed by own problems, while the characters of the film think of love they face apparently difficult terms of life which they cross and go along. The ink drawings of Sarah, the female lead of the movie, are really a treasure of the movie and those are created by the graphic novelist, Jeffery Brown.
    Save the Date

    Watch On Netflix

  7. Begin Again

    A romantic musical starred with Kiera Knightley, is really a treat to your eyes. Begin Again is one of the most famous musical films in the career graph of the director, John Carney. Though the movie is adapted from the musical movie, Broadway, there are something different in that movie. This not only talks about love for a human being. This is the movie which talks about your passion and your madness of achieving it. This movie has shown love between and artist and the form of art beyond than a love relationship between two persons.
    Begin Again

    Watch On Netflix

  8. Honeytrap

    The name is quite interesting, no? But, the story is based on a truly tragic story where a teenage girl from Trinidad moves to London to live with her mother. It is the story of her effort to match up with the new life of Brixton. When you see Lyla to get frustrated while dealing with her new life, you feel compassionate about her; when she chooses the bad guy over the good guy and face the inevitable, you feel she is portraying your life’s story somehow. To get the shock at the ending, you should watch the movie now on Netflix.

    Watch On Netflix

  9. I Am Love

    The passionate sex scenes, the love beyond any limitation, extra-marital affairs and this entire movie won’t make you feel what is wrong and what is right. You just get carried away with the immense emotional turmoil and the outburst of personal and dark feelings. I am Love a movie about the crazy love that knows no boundaries.
    I Am Love

    Watch On Netflix

  10. Wild Canaries

    What will you do to keep the fire of love burning between you and your partner? Do you bring back lost love by going through certain therapies or are you having a baby? Will you ever get your feet into dark and deep murder mysteries? The Wild Canaries will tell you the story of a romantic thriller which has a touch of Hitchcock.
    Wild Canaries

    Watch On Netflix

  11. Step Up

    You may not consider it a throughout romantic film, but why not? If romance means to feel passionate feelings about anything, then characters of this movie are crazy about dance. Dance is the language of love here which brings two best dancers closer, and they end up getting married. It is true that the plot is quite predictable, but you always feel good to watch happy endings on the silver screen.
    Step Up

    Watch On Netflix

  12. The Way He Looks

    Another teenage love story that is beautifully portrayed in Daniel Ribero’s movie ‘The Way He Looks.’ Here, Leonardo is a blind student who is attached to his friend, Giovana. Both of them love each other and very curious about their first kiss. The film shows how Leo suffers from an inferiority complex because of his blindness and a new kid enters between Leo and Giovana. The movie takes different turns, but there is always a happy ending!
    The Way He Looks

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  13. Drinking Buddies

    Don’t you prefer so-called creamy love stories? Then, Drinking Buddies will be your catch. It talks about the dark desire that we all have inside us, but afraid of expressing those. This film clearly shows the finest line between friendship and a romantic relationship. This movie also belongs to the genre of romantic comedy.
    Drinking Buddies

    Watch On Netflix

  14. Atonement

    Love never knew the boundaries of class, caste, religion and anything else. This movie establishes this fact profoundly when an upper-class woman falls for the son of her servant. But, love is not always a bed of roses and that you will discover while watching the movie.

    Watch On Netflix

  15. I Give It a Year

    Another romantic comedy that makes you go crazy with laughter and also you will get a feel good factor after watching the movie. It shows the squabbles between married couples and how they deal with it.
    I Give It a Year

    Watch On Netflix

So, these are top 15 romantic movies that you can watch on Netflix. Have a night out with your friends or be alone; these movies will really entertain you.


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