Top 10 Best Free Battery Saver Apps 2017 For Android And iOS

It is quite difficult to find some promising apps when it comes to save battery or boosting battery backup. Draining battery is a common problem for most of the smartphone users. Smartphones in 2017 have bigger screens and higher performance which consumes a lot of battery. To overcome such situation, it is always advisable to use good battery saver apps.

I have handpicked 10 free battery saver apps for andoid and iOS which you can try out, if you face issues of battery draining issues. These battery saver apps can save your phone’s life.

Top 10 Best Free Battery Saver Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Greenify:

    GreenifyGreenify is one of the most popular free battery saver apps. Never should your phone or tablet become slower after using this power saver app on your phone. It helps your phone to run smooth and fast it doesn’t matter how much apps you are using on your phone.

    Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them. It never collect your personal data and despite the capability of accessibility service. It is a lightweight and easy to use free energy saving app.

       Download Greenify    Download Greenify

  2. Clean Master:

    Clean MasterClean master/doctor is another popular free battery saver and phone booster app for your phone and tablet. With the help of this app you can easily boost your device speed and also save your battery life. It is also used as an antivirus for your phone and tablet.

    You can easily clean all junk files, duplicate photos, contacts and other using this app. It helps you to boost ram after clean all junk notifications, cache and other background running apps. This app is also used as to display disk storage usage, battery wear level detection and other amazing features.

       Download Clean Master    Download Clean Doctor

  3. Battery Doctor:

    Battery DoctorBattery doctor is a power saving app as clean master. It is popular app which is used for get real-time power consumption status. You can also use this app for maintain your battery and battery level. It is also used to check the phone’s battery status.

    It has a shortcut for save power which kills all tasks with one tap. All the apps will be killed by this app when screen of your phone is off. You can easily get the accurate battery remaining and accurate charging time remaining.

       Download Battery Doctor    Download Battery Doctor

  4. 360 Security:

    360 Security360 Security offers you a photo optimizer that can easily scan your phone’s album and optimize it. It find all the duplicate photos and remove all of them to optimize your phone and battery. This app is also used as a free battery saver apps for your phone or tablet.

    It is also used as to delete all useless system files, large files and app cache for instant boost your phone and battery performance. It has another amazing feature as anti-theft by which you can erase, locate and lock your device and protect your data when device is lost.

       Download 360 Security    Download 360 Security

  5. DU Battery Saver:

    DU Battery SaverDU Battery saver is another free power saver app for all smart phone users. It is a super simple & beautiful app to check you battery status and as well as system status too. You can easily check accurate battery percentage and RAM usage of your phone.

    It also suggest you tips for battery maintenance and saving. One of the coolest and amazing feature of this app is cool down. It monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps.

       Download DU Battery Saver    Download DU Battery Saver

  6. Avast Battery Saver:

    Avast Battery SaverAvast Battery Saver is another popular free battery saver apps. With the help of this app you can stop all that apps which you aren’t using to optimize the device battery. You have to open this app and press stop apps to immediately boost your phone’s performance.

    It is a powerful and easy to use free battery saver apps for all smartphone users. It gives you a complete control over your device, and easily get the speed and performance of your device. Get alerts to switch to a different profile based on your activity and battery level.

       Download Avast Battery Saver    Download Avast Battery Saver

  7. System Status Lite:

    System Status LiteSystem Status Lite/ System Monitor Lite is another free battery saver application. It is used for monitoring and optimizing your phone and tablet performance. It is a lite version which monitors your device’s basic parameters such as battery level, disk usage, CPU load and network connections.

    You will be able to monitor CPU, RAM, I/O, Network, top apps and battery. It is also useful for calculation strategy for the remaining battery time. One of most beautiful and versatile system monitor app for your phone.

       Download System Monitor Lite    Download System Status Lite

  8. Battery Manager:

    Battery ManagerBattery Manager is most popular and amazing free battery saver apps. You can easily find how much battery will remain if you listen songs for a particular time period or browse the web for any time period.

    You can easily get the charging status and time until full charge and current time from a distance. This app includes a customizable and resizable widget to keep the basic information available on home screen. It includes some tips and tricks to maximize the battery life by applying it.

       Download Battery Manager    Download Battery Manager

  9. Battery Power:

    Battery PowerBattery Power app if more useful and easy battery saver app for those whose phone’s battery always draining quickly. You can maximize your battery life using this free battery saving apps on your device. It shows different colors for the different battery levels.

    You can also use this app to know the amount of remaining battery and also for consumption of battery for using particular app in particular time period. After lock of your device screen it hibernate all the running app in background to save the battery.

       Download Battery Power    Download Battery Power

  10. Battery Life Magic:

    Battery life magic is a battery life performance monitoring app for all smartphone users. This app provides the best battery performance and let you know exactly how much time you have left to each time of activity.

    This app also handle all background process and internet connection and make you phone efficient to use. You can also adjust the screen brightness, turn on and off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and data according to use for power save. You can also get a notification for exactly how much power you have for using different apps on your phone.

       Download Battery Life Magic    Download Battery Life Magic


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