How To Hide Apps in 2017 ? Best Tips To Hide Apps on Android

Most of the smartphones come along with pre-installed default apps which you can’t uninstall without root, but I can understand you want to hide few of those useless default apps and disable them from app drawer. This tutorial will help you in learning how to hide apps in 2017 and latest tips to hide apps and photos.

Privacy in smartphones is a major concern. There can be few instances when you would not like anyone to see some of the installed apps and this can be done by hiding apps using third party apps or with few tweaks.

How To Hide Apps on Android: Top Methods To Disable or Hide Apps

Method 1:

Disabling Apps Without Using third party Apps

To disabling pre-installed apps from your android phone you have to follow some steps and then you will be able to hide any of the pre-installed apps.

  • Open the setting of your phone.
  • Now you have to find Applications/ Apps.
  • Here you can see all the running, and downloaded apps of your phone.
  • Now you have to tap on the app to which you want to disable.
  • Here you can see the option to Force stop and Disable.
  • You have to tap on the Disable. You can also uninstall some of the apps from them.
  • After these simple steps you can easily hide or disable any of the pre-installed or downloaded apps from your phone.
  • You can also find all of the disabled app in the Disabled section of the app menu.

Method 2:

Disabling Apps Using third party Apps

If you are unable to hide or disable some of the apps using method 1. You can also try some popular third party app hider apps. Here we are listing some of popular apps to disable apps from your app drawer.

  1. Nova Launcher:

    Nova LauncherNova launcher is one of the most popular and best launcher app for android users. You can easily download this app from Play Store and use this app on your android phone. You can also use this app to hide android apps.

    It is one of the highly customizable, performance driven app for all android users. You can easily replace your home screen with Nova launcher and also customize it. Easily can change icons, layouts, animations and others.

       Download Nova Launcher

  2. Applock & Hide:

    Applock HideIt is another free app to lock and hide your app on android device. This app is most suitable to lock your app, hide app icons. You can easily lock or hide any of the app from your android device.

    It has also a feature to change lock password so you can also change the lock password when need. You can easily protect your personal data, app and others by this app. It has some special feature as hide app lock icon, and relock so you can disable android apps from your device.

       Download Applock & Hide

  3. Hide Application:

    Hide ApplicationHide application is another app to hide any of the apps from your app drawer. It will help you hide app and app icons from your android device. Once if you hide any of the app using this app disabling app, you can’t run it, and it can’t run on background.

    It is popular and free app for all android users. You must have to root your android device for using this app on your device. After root your phone you can easily use this app and disable app and app icons from your android device.

       Download Hide Application

  4. Hide App:

    Hide AppHide app is another better third party app to hide android apps. You can easily hide any of the apps from your android device using app disable app. This app hide only apps from the list of recently opened apps. You can easily use this app without any root access and any third party app permission.

    For using this app you have have to use the recent launchers. If any app is already shown in the list of recently opened apps, you must have to close it first. Then you can disable that app easily. You can also create a widget for your Launcher or execute apps directly from hide app.

       Download Hide App

  5. Vault:

    VaultVault is a better app to hide any of your favorite photos from your photo gallery. You can easily hide your photos from your gallery and set it as private so no one can see that image. Along with photos you can also hide any of the videos and lock confidential applications too using this hide android app on your android phone.

    It has also an amazing feature to share private data among multiple devices. You can use unlock option using only your face with built-in face recognition mechanism. It has also time base lock option, you can choose time of the day and weekdays when to activate App Lock.

       Download Vault

  6. Any Hide:

    Any HideAny hide is another better option to disable or hide android apps, photos, folders, gallery, personal documents and others from your android phone. You can hide and also easily manage any app and you data using this app hiding.

    It has amazing data security model to keep your data safe and clean. It has one of the best feature as multiple user login. You can make more than one users and set different passwords for each. It used as to hide apps, folders, photos, videos, and others from your phone and set a password lock.

       Download Any Hide



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